About Us

We are proud to have the Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ food truck fully operating again. Co-owners Garrett Irby and Chef Carl have pulled together a hard working new team and bringing their passion and unwavering spirit to the table to create an exceptional spin on barbeque classics! Let’s take a moment to introduce the new owners and tell their story. 

Our Story: Garrett’s roots were marked by exploration and change, growing up as a military brat. Settling in Baltimore, Garrett’s father, Greg, a retired Army veteran, was ready for a fresh chapter.

Greg’s military tenure ignited a passion for cooking, especially the art of barbecuing. After Baltimore became their home, Greg transformed his love for barbecue into a food truck business.

For five years, Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ became a community favorite. Greg’s dedication to crafting delicious, smoky dishes earned loyal patrons. Upon retirement, Greg moved to further south for sunshine and warm breezes, leaving behind the food truck.

A proud Baltimore native, Garrett couldn’t let the family legacy fade. Determined to continue his father’s work, he partnered with Chef Carl, a culinary expert renowned for spreading love through his cooking. Chef Carl, a former volunteer firefighter for Baltimore County, a private chef, dedicated father, and author of a children’s book, shared Garrett’s commitment to family values and a passion for sharing love through food.

Together, Garrett and Chef Carl breathed new life into Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ, preserving the business’s essence while infusing it with their unique culinary expertise and Baltimore spirit.

Thank you all so much for your support!