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Slow-Smoked BBQ with an Uncompromising Taste!


Image shows an illustration of the co-owners of Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ company.

After a period of transition to regroup with new owners and a new team, we’re back!

We couldn’t be more excited that Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ food truck is operating again. At the helm are new co-owners Garrett Irby and Chef Carl, along with a hard working new team, ready to bring their spin on barbecue classics that are already crowd pleasers!

Our Vision: Under Garrett and Chef Carl’s guidance, Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ thrives, serving Baltimore’s favorite barbecue dishes with warmth and tradition. It’s a family affair where patrons become part of the Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ family, savoring the rich history and flavors defining generations.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Veteran Owned: We proudly embrace our status as a veteran-owned business, reflecting our dedication, precision, and military values.
  • Family Run: Choosing Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ means joining our barbecue family, where every guest is treated with familial warmth.
  • Slow-Smoked Mastery: Our barbecue is an art form, slow-smoked to tender, flavorful perfection, from succulent brisket to mouthwatering ribs.
  • Onboard Smoker: Witness the magic firsthand on our food truck equipped with an onboard smoker—an exclusive experience.
  • Baltimore Love: Every dish reflects the spirit of Baltimore, featuring our secret sauces and unique flavors.
  • Community Focus: Beyond serving food, we aim to strengthen our local neighborhoods through our meals.
  • Catering and Custom Cuisine: Whether for special events or unique requests, our catering services deliver our smoked goodness anywhere, anytime.

For barbecue that’s more than just food, come to Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ in Baltimore.
Experience the celebration of family, community, and the irresistible flavor of Baltimore Love. Join us and be part of our barbecue family.
Taste the difference, feel the love, and savor the flavor!


Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ food truck serving up BBQ love at a local event in Baltimore.
Food truck worker gives a thumbs up and a bright smile while on the Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ truck.

Smoke-N-Wheels BBQ Truck

The truck is prepped and ready to serve you!
Delicious smoked pulled pork, chicken, brisket, ribs and more. Just "Follow the Smoke"!